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EP3: Edge of Design

Couldn’t believe it has already been 5-6 weeks since Fundamentals of Creative Innovation class started. Seems like we have been running towards future and losing track of time. I guess it’s a privilege of being a learner. These couple of weeks I have experienced anew and received profound information. The latest thing I learnt is that technology and content are crucial, but the right design is essential.

We demand more from experiences.

Yes, welcome to a new era of human interaction. Designing past mobile or desktop interaction boundaries and into the physical world opens up possibilities to create immersive environmental experiences. It is hard to imagine our modern world without the conveniences of multi-touch technologies, and to fully appreciate how we got here we must take a deep look throughout history.

This week, we were assigned to understand the Creative Technology in term of Interaction design, PACT Analysis and Design Thinking. My team and I came up with an interactive digital space (or could be an app) that helps people coping with their negative mental states. After brainstorming, we came up with a rough map of what we thought could be a demo for our final group project. People will experience personal mind dive dealing with their own emotions and feelings using our interactive space. Sound and visual designs will take huge part in this project in order to create most comfortable environment for each personality.

AT ITS CORE, design is an inherently futurist medium

Design comes in all shapes, sizes, sounds, tastes and so on, whether it be wearable, hand-held, the size of an arena, or a virtual borderless experience. human experience should be the source of our inspiration and thought processes. We just hope that, at a certain point, we will still be able to provide the right design for human psychological experience by the end of this class.

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