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Farewell 2021

The only 2021 lesson of mine:

Humor can be subjective and sarcasm should be objective. Sometimes people think I was joking when I was literally being mean. But when I tried to be funny, I was a douche. So I realize not all of us can tell the difference and I learnt this the hard way.

Though this lesson hasn’t changed a thing, it made me happier and gave me peace. I really hope we understand how important it is to grow a sense of humor but it requires a certain degree of intelligence.

Take a joke if you can. I bet some of us can’t. Perhaps, I’m wrong. But, I doubt it.

All kidding aside, if you find the words that I wrote offensive, you wouldn’t like to know what I have left out for you. Yeah - also do me a favor. Stop finding me.

HNY 2022! It can't be any worse than 2021 right?

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