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EP2: Future of Everything

Reflecting what I’ve read from The Thailand Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020 and Digital Transformation in Thailand Report, I was astoundingly impressed by how humankind could come up with such rapid progress of technology and innovation. These so-called new techs and innovation are accelerating the evolution of entertainment - faster than ever. If we really pay attention we should notice lots of stuffs people dreamed of centuries ago do exist now in real life.

Entertainment Industry is being disrupted.

As new forms of media bring profound disruption to the traditional broadcasting landscape, the entertainment industry is relying more on technology to help power new ways of working and modernize media processes.

Digital technology in museums such as AI, new age robotics, and sensors are keys to gain people’s attention providing more engaging and better experience. Some even predict that the digital worlds could be as real as our physical world in the future.

AI deployment in 2022 will be in knowledge management, virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles, digital workplaces and crowdsourced data. In addition, companies like Google are developing newer language learning models like LaMDA—Language Model for Dialogue Applications—which, the company claims, can hold their own in natural conversations.

Nonetheless, our perception of arts is also altered by the future of everything. In order for society to change, art needs to evolve. Back in the days, we had to step back from a frame and look at art and say, “Damn, it’s beautiful". In 2020s, we’re going to be walking into that art. In summary, Art clearly has a future that will continue branch into new forms, including continuing to integrate new technology.

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