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EP5: Suddenly Everything Made Sense

As a musician, I’m quite fascinated by how MSTCI program can persuade me to learn fancy tech - even coding - think about it! This week I start to connect the dots. Then, suddenly everything made sense.

First meet of Fall 2021

It’s like I have been diving in this pool of knowledge without knowing that every piece, every class, every assignment are completing each other.

There are several knowhow I can share between projects from different classes. What I love about this is both Building Virtual World and Fundamentals of Creative Innovation are exactly why I am up for all this. I have been playing around 3D models and codes which could be matched with “interactive” ideas I plan to apply on music projects. In FCI, I have touched, pressed, tossed real industry equipments. Sensors, VR headsets and other toys got passed around playing and observing. Even if I’m not an engineer or a programmer, I still drooled all over the table.

And… I took opportunity by using new skills creating a 3D model for FCI Interdisciplinary Project. I wish we finish and already kickoff presenting at Lido Connect before my last EP of this season dues.

Lastly, I want to announce one of my proudest projects this year and it goes to The Room's Group 2. I learned to work as a team. I thought I have always been a team player but actually I kinda used to go solo for too long. These group projects have brought me back to appreciate and be grateful for having good people alongside. Thank you, guys!

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