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EP1: A Good Start

Few months back, I was randomly wondering what my life would have been if I go back to school at my 30s. If I was told then that I would become a master's student before 2021 ended, I would definitely call it a B.S. premonition. See how strange your mind can affect your reality? I never could have dreamed of waking up the way I did the past week. I woke up earliest in a year for 5 days straight. I couldn't believe finding myself sitting ready in front of my MacBook preparing for my first classes - fresh and enthusiastic.

Now that’s what I call a good start.

Creativity has always been my favorite things.

My fascination for arts and science has brought me here - pursuing an M.S. in Technology and Creative Innovation (MSTCI) - becoming a Padawan once again. In these CMKL classes, I see potential ideas in need to be invested - to inspire people, challenge normality, encourage society to evolve, and be a catalyst for change.

Each class I took this week is a milestone.

I started from scratches learning coding in Building Virtual World class, updating latest innovation and tech in FCI class, revising my accounting and financing skills, and learning how to master multidisciplinary projects. Apart from academic progress, I met my colleagues who worked in similar fields of work and some were in other strange dimensions. I met event organizers, website developer, musicians, and bunch of programmers. I really love the diversity and am excited to see how our backgrounds and ideas play out in school projects.

Let’s figure out what my inner calling has got to tell me.

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